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Beach Experience Diving

Area : Onna Village
Required Time:About 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Beach Experience Diving
  • Beach Experience Diving
  • Beach Experience Diving
  • Beach Experience Diving

People who are not confident in swimming are also safe beach entries.

Because it enters the sea from the water depth where the foot sticks, it is safe for the first time.

A lot of colorful fish welcomes you ☆

Underwater photography & feeding to fish are also included!


Maeda Cape of Onna Village

Entry criteria

● 10 years old and above

● Those who have had a major illness in the past may need a medical certificate of a doctor

● Those who are 60 years of age or older should have a medical examination (within one year)

● Asthma · Heart disease · Respiratory system disease · Nervous system disease · Diabetes · If you are pregnant can not participate Please note.

Things to prepare

Swimwear, towels

※ It is convenient if there is a beach sandal or sunscreen


  • Regular price  (Price for 1 person)  9,000JPY
  • 2 people or more  (Price for 1 person)  7,000JPY

Included in the fee are:
Underwater photography & feeding to fish



Review & Impressions

  • Last year I got diving at Archangel so it was a lot of fun, so I decided to go on a trip to Okinawa this year too! ! Of course the main of the trip diving! This year I reserved a diving for 2 days ♪ ♪

Meeting Place

Meeting Place : Diving Shop Archangel

address : 338-1, Maeda, Onna-son Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, 904-0417, Japan
※In the setting of car navigation system, "339,Maeda,Onna-village"


Please note that you can not board an airplane after diving.


【Important points about reservation】

If you didn't receive any mail in the next 48 hours following your reservation,Please call us directly. It is possible that the system is having a problem or that the mail can’t be delivered. If you are using a mobile phone, it's possible that some previous settings are interfering with the mail delivery. If you are using a computer, it's possible that our confirmation mail has been sent to the junk mailbox. Check also the junk mailbox to be sure!

  • The entry marked by a have to be filled in.
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